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Hol Dir die Moodivations Vibes und pimp doch einfach deinen Trainingsraum ein bisschen auf und stay motivated!
Get the Moodivations-Vibes and pimp up your training room and stay motivated!
Best Material

+ Self-adhesive high-performance film that looks like painted.
+ easy to apply - easy to remove again.
+ no white or transparent edges due to exate contour cuts.

Due to the high-performance film, the wall-tattoo fits perfectly to many wall surfaces. The area of application is varied. Whether: Roof slopes or angled walls. Quickly, easily and without much effort personalize your own home. With us there is something for everyone - our products enhance every room in a high-quality and lively way.The designs are available in different colors and sizes.

moodivations application squeegee

Incl. Application Squeegee