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Beneath you, the mat screams 'KICK ASS REPEAT' – a challenge to every limit. Every workout becomes an arena, every drop of sweat a triumph. Step out, show me, and then? Go harder, go stronger! Dominate. Celebrate. Repeat!

for every workout: your ambition, our features

Beast-Mode Material

High-quality PVC that stands up to even the toughest sessions with you.

Size Matters

At 162 x 62 cm, you have more than enough space to give it your all.

6 mm Power Cushioning

Perfect for your moves, jumps, and everything in between. Balance and stability? Check!

Stay Grounded

No matter how intense the workout, with the anti-slip base, you stay in the game.

Reflect Effect

Sweat. Train. See your progress right on the mat. Your sweat, your marks, your success.

WHY GO REFLECT? This training mat isn't just equipment. It's a statement. A promise to yourself. A daily boost showing you: You grow with every session. Be a game-changer, choose Reflect!